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We are here!

Well we finally made it after a lot of k's driven to move the house and business and what can I say... we LOVE it!! We really couldn't be happier. There are still a few minor things to sort out but we have enough sorted to be able to start work. So if you are in the area and need anything at all just pop in and see us....

June 29, 2017


Welcome to the first ever blog post for Northland RV (currently still known as Showstopper RV). Its been very exciting this week getting the new website and email address up and running, not anything I have done before. Things are really busy at SS RV while we try to be as ready as we can to get the move to Northland underway while organising the new property up there, I kind of feel like we are being pulled in 5 different directions all at once, but we wouldn't have it any other way we are so e...

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